Highlights from India

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I can’t believe that our time in India is almost up. I’ve grown to love it here so much, mostly because I’ve grown in relationship with God and with the lovely people of this nation. Over the last five weeks I’ve personally seen more people healed than I can count on my fingers. I’ve had beautiful conversations about the God that is showing up to these people in visions and dreams. I’ve touched dozens of…

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The Story Behind One Image

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I have literally hundreds of thousands of images stored on my many hard drives, between random iPhone snaps and multitudes of weddings and portraits photographed. It’s easy for me to forget the importance of photographs. I’m so thankful that God encouraged me to buy a Polaroid camera before heading off to Australia earlier this year. I wanted to have the ability to give someone a tangible photograph, right then and there, no editing or developing…

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Never Going Back

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Listen while you look: On the 10th of September, as the sun cast warm hues through the diffusion of the clouds, I sat on a gorgeous beach in Australia with four other young women from all over the world. We sang along with Ashley from Canada as she worshipped God with her ukulele and her lovely voice. Kathryn from Australia shared a simple but beautiful word from the bible and from time spent listening to…

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We’re All in This Together

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If I’m ever feeling particularly passionate about how great the Kingdom of God is, I’m not surprised when “We’re All in This Together” from High School Musical starts playing in my head. It is a truly amazing blessing to be part of a family that loves each other, supports each other, and builds one another up. For most of my life, I was used to being independent. I was good at getting things done, and…

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God is Family

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Revelation: when you’ve finally heard something enough times that you start to FEEL it. For me, this happened in a big way this week. I know that God is my Father. I know that I am co-heirs with Jesus in the Kingdom. I know that God & Jesus make their home with me through the Holy Spirit, and we do life together. So this revelation should have been quite obvious, but this week these facts…

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Love Makes Suns

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The title of this blog post comes from my favourite excerpt of MacLaren’s Expositions of Holy Scripture. Click here to read it and stand in awe of our wonderful God. Listen while you look: Why are sunrises so beautiful? It doesn’t make much logical sense. It also doesn’t seem like much of an accident. For five straight weeks I have walked out my front door by 6:30 in the morning, walking directly towards the morning…

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63 Things I Love About School (So Far)

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down to write this blog post and been totally creatively stuck. How do I sum up the first two weeks of my Discipleship Training School? Which incredible, miraculous story do I share? Which realization out of the countless awe-inspiring moments do I write about? Which tiny detail of this lovely life is worth photographing and expanding on and getting its own clickable link on my homepage?…

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How Did I Get Here?

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Listen while you look: It’s easy to look around at my life here in Australia and think it’s like some sort of dream. Studying abroad with the love of my life by my side, drinking coffee and doing homework at the cutest little cafes – meeting people from nations around the world, dedicating my life to serving and loving. But being here, and even during the steps leading up to it, it doesn’t feel so…

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We Are Dust

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Listen while you look: “For He knows how we are formed; He remembers that we are dust.” Next time you’re feeling particularly human – broken, weak, exhausted – remember that God made us from the dirt. We are created from the same elements that compose the earth and the trees and all of creation. The difference is that He breathed Life into us. We are flesh, but we are also spirit. And the beautiful thing…

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Let’s Be Kids Again

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Listen while you look: What is it we love so much about being kids? Legs dangling off the edge of a dock, long explorative walks in nature, crafting pine needle bracelets… there’s something so comforting and carefree about nostalgia. I think we like the feeling that there’s nothing more to life than playtime, that worries and anxieties are nonexistent. I think we love childhood because we were created intentionally to love it. Life IS a…

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Creating with the Creator

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I think I finally realized what it is I love so much about Australian architecture. I came to this realization while on a golden hour stroll just a few days ago. The thing was, I’m still not entirely familiar with the layout of Perth, and as soon as I venture away from home or base I lose wifi and therefore lose my connection to the outside world. I made a smart decision, though. My normal…

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One Month in Perth

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Exactly one month ago today, I landed in Perth. I remember it vividly, like it was just a few days ago, and yet at the same time it feels like I’ve been here for ages. I remember seeing rows of red rooftops from above as the plane descended on the city. I remember the sigh of relief I breathed when I saw my duffel bag cruising down the baggage claim. I remember laughing while walking…

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“You Are Here”

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I am here. Here, nestled inside the comfy curve of the Willamette river. Here, surrounded by green and clouds and everything you’d expect to see in American Suburbia. Here, the place that’s been “home” for the huge majority of my life but where I know I’m only meant to be for another week. I tend to ask myself a lot of questions here, like: What does it mean to be present in a season of…

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Same Places, Different Seasons

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I never expected to be living in Tualatin, Oregon again. I’ve visited many times over the past two years of living in Boise, but it’s so different to know that I’m here to stay, at least for the short time being. It’s going to be quite a while before I make that seven-hour drive to Boise again, and I don’t have a job, home, or possessions waiting for me when I return. I have to…

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Meet Hannah: World Traveler & Ray of Sunshine

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You know when people come into your life at exactly the right time? This might be a funny thing to say a month before I’ll be leaving Boise. Yes, I did have the thought of “why couldn’t we have met two years ago?!” run through my head when I met Hannah. But selfishness aside, I’m so thankful that Hannah and I crossed paths exactly when we did… You’ve only seen eight images of Hannah so…

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Get Out of Here, Take a Hike, and Get Lost

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When I moved to Boise, I created a challenge for myself. I attempted to use GPS as little as possible. I knew that I would learn my way around town much more quickly without the helpful yet monotone voice of Siri guiding my every step. So, I taped a big old map of Boise right by the front door of my apartment, drew a little yellow star on the cross-streets of my home, and stared…

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How a Cabin Made Me Embrace Being Human

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No electricity. No running water. No reception. I could have reacted two different ways when our friend Matt presented the idea of a weekend getaway to his family’s cabin in the Boise National Forest. Good: a nice break from reality, a chance to connect with a more primal version of myself, a place of still and quiet. Or bad: isolation from everything comfortable, a chance to prove that I have absolutely no survival instincts, a…

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